So Lets’ Begin Venting!

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How often do we feel like doing this?

How often do we feel like doing this?

If there was a dollar for each person that just wanted to scream out loud on a daily basis, and the profits went to me, I think I’ll be rich. Some people are not blessed with the skill of speaking on how they feel so they write it down. First people had journals, diaries, where their journal was their secret place and that journal heard everything and understood. Sometimes as individuals, though, we desire a second, third and sometimes forth opinion, so we put our business on networking sites and wait for the replies. Interested in what other people think, or if they have been in the situation. And instead of me being rich the maker of LiveJournal, Brad Fitzpatrick, is.

 LiveJournal would be on of the perfect sites. Some may feel that with Facebook and MySpace that we have enough networking sites that explode our personal business, but with LiveJournal you can be anyone. You are as anonymous to the world as you like and express the deepest thoughts. Their motto is Express Yourself, Share Your Life, Connect with Friends Online. LiveJournal is used all around the world but most popular countries, the top 15 countries are United States, Russian Federation, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Ukraine, Philippines, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Finland, India, Belarus and France. It looks as though people all around as something to say, and who would have thought that you are sitting in your home relating to someone else millions of miles away from you. Interesting!

LiveJournal has not been around that long, since 1999, and it might not be as popular as other networking sites, yet, but people that are on this site really praise it. They have “In Spotlight This Week” and you would think you would read about how someone’s ex husband messed them over but it’s all blogs that are giving honor to the site. I think if I was new the site and seen that I would want to see some ‘juicy’ information; But maybe that’s just me.  And for someone new to the site, the fact that someone else’s husband is lowdown is probably the last thing they care about.

Let's Begin Venting

Let's Begin Venting


Music is Social

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     Technology is growing every day. New networking sites, new devices, software ect. Music is one of the largest growing industries and always has been. So why not make a site where you can share music with people that have the same taste in music and interests.

  Imeem is here for us all!

     Imeem is a social media service where users interact with each other by watching, posting, and sharing content of all digital media types, including blogs, photos, audio, and video. Some say Imeem is a copy cat of YouTube or Facebook, but to me it’s a mixture of them both. It may not be as popular as either one but millions of people visit the imeem website every month to discover music and build playlists to share across the world. I know people that do not have an account with Facebook but love Imeem. Imeem was used as a MySpace until it was blocked to embed music on the profiles. Imeem has a large variety of music and even have applications for your phone to listen to your playlists as you go. Watch out IPods!

     Only glitch that I would have with Imeem is you can only upload 100 songs for free. When you sign up it is free and you can share and comment on others playlists but after 100 songs they’re charging you. How fair is that? It makes the person think they are allowed to share unlimited songs and share interests with others, and then billed after so many songs. But I guess they have to make money one way or another. Since it’s not as popular as these other networking sites everything can’t be free. No one has yet to buy them out for billions of dollars, they have to survive too. If you wanted to upload more songs you are consider “VIP” when you get on the imeem plan of that allow you to upload 1,000 for $29.99 a year or upload up to 20,000 songs for $99.99. What a price difference! I wouldn’t trade my IPod or MP3 player in.

I Need A Good Marketing Scheme… YouTube it!

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     Millions among millions of people are becoming more familiar with video blogging or video sharing. In 2005, YouTube came along and made that possible. You don’t need a resume anymore or an interview to market what your talents are. If you can sing, pop lock, or even cook, put it on YouTube, have enough people watch it and you will be on Oprah or The Tonight show within a week. Stats say that YouTube alone has 70 million videos on the site, and 20 million visitors monthly. Now if a restaurant had that many visitors or for each visitor it was a job opportunity, maybe the economy wouldn’t be as bad as it is! You can go on YouTube and almost find anything; absolutely hilarious videos to videos where you can tell some people just have nothing better else to do.

     Some videos on YouTube are strictly for promoting. If someone wants there business to be noticed or wants their talent to be recognize why not put it on YouTube where you can be found. In today’s time YouTube is definitely the haven where everyone goes for online videos. If it’s word around town that a friend or family is online, everyone will view it. While it might not be the best featured or even best quality service for video producers, it is by a long shot the most popular. If you are a blogger, marketer, film maker or any other kind of online publisher or entrepreneur, you stand to gain a lot by getting some exposure on YouTube.

      For example, even though the David Letterman show is one of the most popular shows on television, after expressing his foul ways on the air and it being posted on YouTube, the 5.7 million viewers who tuned in to Letterman Monday more than doubled the audience for NBC’s “Tonight” show with Conan O’Brien, according to the Nielsen Co. It was slightly less than the 5.9 million who watched Thursday when Letterman broke the news of the alleged extortion attempt. The ratings are a testament to the power of the Internet after Letterman’s representatives released details of the scandal to the media about three hours before his show aired Thursday. His audience that night was more than a million more than usual, meaning word spread quickly and encouraged people to tune in. After then watching the show it was posted on YouTube October 2, 2009 with 183,396 views as of today and 1,226 comments. He has a good marketing team!

 If he can make it happen so can you! Just post it….

All I Want Is MY SPACE!

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          Becoming a teenager is sometimes hard for parents and the teenagers’ their selves. It seems like the parents are trying to be too involved and the child wants nothing to do with them. Teenagers just want their own space and have their own group of friends that understand them. So what do they do? Get a MYSPACE page. They can chit chat, laugh, meet new people without parents listening in or even knowing what they are doing. It seems like innocent fun but now we all know that story sounds too good to be true without something going wrong.


          And come to find out, having your own space is not always the best; especially when you’re a teenager trying to form an identity. Before Facebook became so popular, there was MySpace.Com, and everyone had a MySpace and if you didn’t you definitely wanted a MySpace. MySpace was available for all types of people, young to old folks, music artists to sex predators. When people found out about MySpace and created a profile, there was little to no security options. You left your information that you expressed, open for all to search and find.  You could take pictures and put them on your profile for anyone to see. There was no security options for what type of pictures could be on your profile, and hardly anyone had their correct age. Some teens were out to meet new people that had common interest, and some people were out to meet new teenagers, or the vulnerable.

          For instance, a story on MSNBC Dateline was about parents not being savvy about this cyber life that teenagers were living. The mother, Margret Sullivan, was more than appalled to find that her 13 yr old daughter, Shannon Sullivan, was on MySpace portraying to be 18 yrs old, what Shannon revealed and found the sites of other kids far more revealing. When “Dateline” surfed MySpace, they found scenes of binge drinking, apparent drug use, teens posing in underwear, and other members simulating sex, and in some cases even having it. They also found less provocative pages like Shannon’s was, but potentially even more dangerous. Teens listed not only their names, and addresses, but even cell phone numbers and after school schedules. This story was posted April 5, 2006 and 3 years later, February 4, 2009, MySpace kicks out 90,000 sex offenders. Now I don’t understand why it takes three years to KICK sex offenders off a site available for teens but the MySpace’s chief security officer, Hemanshu Nigam, issued a statement: “As the first and only social networking site to use state of the art technology to identify and remove registered sex offenders from its site, MySpace is proud of its leadership position and hopes that Facebook follows our lead in providing their members with the same protections. As part of our longstanding partnership with law enforcement and state attorneys general, we will continue to readily provide information on these removed offenders for their investigations.” Seems like they waited a little too long to now have top flight security on a site but better now than never.

How do I micro blog? Just tweet me!

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     Hence, the more social networks we have, the more access we have to freedom of speech. We can express our everyday thoughts, emotions, or ideas the more we become BLOGGERS or Citizen Journalists!  

     When I say “we”, I mean everyday people. We don’t have to be journalists, authors, or any “important” public icon to voice our opinion and it be heard. Micro blogging is a form of multimedia blogging that allow users to send brief text updates or media such as pictures, videos and publish them. They can be viewed by many people or a restricted group that can be chosen by the user.

                              Twitter gives us that freedom…and doesn’t it feel so good.

My fellow Tweeters....Follow Me!

My fellow Tweeters....Follow Me!

     If you are a user on Twitter you can find anyone and follow them. Twitter is the best way to share and discover what your friends, family or strangers feel at that time. If you have a cellular device, it takes no longer than a moment to share with your network friends what you feel. It’s in real time and everyone is updated at that second.  On Twitter they have trending topics that everyone can join in on. You can agree or disagree on a topic, or clearly join in for the comedy.

                      For instance!

    This past Sunday, September 13, 2009, the MTV VMA’s had a Twitter tracker. It tracked how many people were twittering about the VMA’s related tweets. The online community responded in an unprecedented way, turning out a grand total of 2 million VMA-related tweets while the show aired live from Radio City Music Hall in New York City. For the past couple of days there has been all kind of trending topics from Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Jay-Z, an upcoming artist name Lil’ Mama, the singer Beyonce and the tribute to Michael Jackson.

     Also, as any other social network sites parents are bond to have a page and be one of your followers. It’s kind of sad but let’s face it our parents have lives too….well some of them.

Photoshop Picture

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Hey grams, can I log on now?

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So we all know that Facebook is a social networking site that connects people with friends, family, and folks we work with, so on and so forth. We also know that Facebook is one of the top networking sites for college students and young adults.


While the fastest growing age group by total users is 26-34, the number of women over 55 on Facebook  grew by an astounding 175.3%. Their male counterparts, however, weren’t able to keep up – growing by only 137.8%, but that is still a lot. Now how do I feel about my parents and grand parents being on Facebook? Frustration, foolish, nutty, and the more input I get on this the more I feel like I am not alone. I understand they have friends also but why not contact them on the phone or via email. Fair or not, I don’t want my parents, more or less, grandparents knowing the conversations me and my friends may have.

 One key reason they may feel they need to be on Facebook is because it’s not only a personal networking site but also business and that may be the case but how many of our parents or grandparents are on Facebook talking business. This is so embarrassing. No they are commenting on every picture and questioning on why we were in that picture looking like that; or bringing shame to the family. Now if we were not invading each other’s personal life we would not know. And every chance they get they are online updated there statuses letting the world know what they are thinking. My question is, aren’t you at work? Or don’t you have some news to catch up with?

Technology is growing each day, and something new is being invented as we speak. Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with over 250 million users and 10,000 applications; and the suspension of Facebook is constantly growing. The more it is expressed on the news, throughout our households, and our own personal lives the more people of all ages want to be involved. For anyone over 55 on Facebook, I think it’s more like a mid life crisis.

So you have nothing better else do uh?

So you have nothing better else do uh?