Art Appreciation

There are many aspects of art; Drawing, sculpturing as well as painting. Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other mediums to a surface. Painting is a mode of expression, and the forms are numerous. Applying an artistic theme can be naturalistic and representational; as in still life or landscape painting, photographic, abstract, symbolism, emotions or be political in nature.

With my final project my overall view of painting as definitely grew from knowing nothing to actually realizing that it means more than just paint on a wall, canvas or paper. The project taught me the use of capturing real life art, no matter if it a perfect portrait or painting what you see or feel. Painting is not about being perfect it’s all in the passion you put in behind it. The dramatic question for the professor I interviewed, Mark Swain, was what is the philosophy of painting for him? With being a part of many art classes painting had never been my nitch. But after talking with Mark even after the interview was complete he was really down to earth about the whole aspect of art. The main phrase that really stuck out to me about painting is patience. It’s an understanding with one’s self that is expressed through art.

The struggle I could say with the recording was the amount of students that was in class and wanted to participate. Some were extremely shy and some looked real focus on getting the work done before the 50 minute class over. The enjoyment I had was being able to see other’s work. To see the different artistic value in each painting was amazing. None of the painting was bad, they looked as if each student was going to school to get there Fine Arts degree; but majority of the students take the course for an elective. If I could recommend this class I would, and definitely recommend Mark Swain as a very interesting teacher.

Mona Lisa .... One of the well known paintings.


~ by deilew on December 15, 2009.

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