Dance Off!

        Dancing has always been known as a form of art but now it’s becoming more of a sport. It’s competitions left and right involving dance groups as well as celebrities. In the media, performing seems to be more important than pure talent. There have been recent shows, “Americas Best Dance Crew,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” and “Dancing With the Stars”, that has been the top shows watched on prime television. Before these shows dancing was never viewed as competitive or even as interesting as it has become. We are introduced to all types of form of dance and surprised that is has been more than accepted. These shows have had over 3 seasons of viewing each. Not only are the shows influencing individuals to dance but as well as the music that is being produced. R&B, contemporary, rap, and even gospel as become so upbeat that is considered dancing music.

Dance Off!


        On “Dancing With the Stars”, celebrities are the spot light of the show as well as their dancing.  They are chosen to be a part of this dance reality show and each couple performs a number of their choice, that it be hip hop, line dance, or waltz. Whatever they decide to do they have to wow the audience and the judges. The last season Donnie Osmond won.  Even though he shines with his singing, he made more than impression on the show. In a last minute surprise, he nabbed the night’s top score in the three finalists’ last dances, for a steamy tango with partner Kym Johnson that judge Carrie Ann Inaba called “artistry in motion.” Osmond’s victorious turn on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” was Thanksgiving week’s most popular prime-time TV program, narrowly beating CBS’ “NCIS.” The “Dancing” results show came in third, the Nielsen Co. said. For the week of Nov. 24-30, “Dancing With the Stars,” ABC, brought in 20.41 million viewers. So with dancing becoming the “newest” trend, celebrities are pitching in as well as the video game industry. Dancing is becoming worldwide….. So let’s DANCE!


~ by deilew on December 9, 2009.

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