It’s Worldwide!

 As insane as it maybe… social networking is WORLDWIDE!

Facebook in China

 Now I don’t know if I am just naive but I did not know I could reach people outside of this country; but only on certain days!

 In China the government has the right to block certain sites when every they feel the need. Now I don’t know how well that will fly in US, but on Tuesday June 7 of 2009 an article in the Washington Post  was written about the western region of Xinjiang, China. Apparently the prior weekend a deadly riot broke out and to prevent any blogging or gossip about the incident the central government took all the usual steps to block citizens from accessing foreign web services. The authorities blocked Twitter, removed unapproved references to the violence form search engines and had apparently move to bar its citizens from accessing Facebook form most parts of China Mainland.  The Chinese government is not shy about censoring the internet.  As tension rose over Tibet before the 2008 Olympics, sites like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and even Wikipedia found themselves blocked.  After the Olympic frenzy, the government seemed to relax and many sites become accessible again.  Youtube and most major blog sites, however, were re-blocked this spring when a video of a Buddhist monk being beaten surfaced. Even sites that have not been blocked have been closely monitored.   Any content made by either government supporters or Uighur sympathizers that is deemed controversial is immediately taken down by officials. Now if that isn’t strict I don’t know what is. If the government can see what is being done your computer, I wonder what else is being monitored! That is kind of creepy when you think about it.


~ by deilew on December 2, 2009.

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