Lately YouTube seems to be THE most popular and growing site around.  Student, parents, teachers, faculty is using YouTube for EVERYTHING. You can type anything you want on YouTube and you are bound to find it….

                 But there is always the negative that seems to squeeze its self on through. Not only is YouTube used for entertainment and learning purposes but it also used to wreck the image of some schools as well as people. It may not be on purpose but when students are carelessly sending videos to share with the world it becomes a problem. You can find all type of ugly things that relate to college life when watching one of these videos. For instance, one of the first things that pops up if you search on YouTube about a public school in Western Maryland is a video that starts:  FROSTBURG STATE UNIVERSITY. ITS GREAT!  An edgy new-wavy punkish Electric Six song cranks in, and the camera lurches as people down shots, chug beer and do keg stands. One guy climbs unsteadily out a window, grins at the camera, then drops through the dark to the ground far below. The video is not available now because of the new image that the University doesn’t want to portray but not only is that ruining the image of the school, but the students as well. Some may look at it and think its funny, but I wonder how hilarious it is to parents.  

                With knowing that YouTube is one of the largest visited sites people are taking advantage of the usage and turning it into a marketing and advertising method as well. To attract more advertising, YouTube is striving to add more professionally produced video.  You can take URL’s and post it right on a site as well as make videos to distribute the “good” of your school or product. “Marketing in higher education is really at a crossroads,” said Nora Ganim Barnes, director of the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. “Those that don’t engage and manage social media are going to be left behind.”  Something more parent friendly!



~ by deilew on November 25, 2009.

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