Tag… You’re It!

     We all may or may not be familiar with the social networking site Tagged.com but before Facebook and Twitter came along, teens were tagging each other left from right. From Tagged.com statistics they are the 3rd largest social networking site out. I doubt it, but Tagged.com at one point was very popular. When I was in high school, 3 years ago, Tagged.com was the place to be. Everyone knew all your business and anyone could snoop on each other. Of course now there is more security that goes along with it.

     Just like our Facebook now and or Twitter, Tagged allows users to send messages, leave comments, browse photos and watch videos. But what makes this site different from the rest? Well one, when you are “tagging” someone you are sending a friend request so it’s a little different from viewing a profile and deciding to befriend them or not; you both have to decide if you want to be each other’s “tagging” buddies. Another difference is they just got sued out of the kazoo. They were accused of tricking users into providing access to their address books.


Watch Out!

     While proper social networking sites like Facebook and yes, even MySpace, don’t access your address book without your permission, up-and-coming sites like to steal your contacts and trick them into joining so that they can increase their user base and appeal to advertisers. And this is why I state that I doubt that Tagg.com is the 3rd largest networking site. I have not heard of anyone being a part of this site in years. As stated in the news report, and I too can agree, just the other day my grandmother was sent an email that bamboozled her in away to sign up for something that ended up leading her to join a social networking site, and as well send out emails to people in her contacts inviting them to join as if it was her. I received the email and was stunned that my grandmother had even opened an email as well as sent one out to over 120 people.

     Tagged.com had to pay a lump sum of $250,000 over something that seems so small. Be careful who you “trick.”


Pay up!


~ by deilew on November 11, 2009.

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