What About the Kids!

I wonder how rational it is to have social networking sites for children under 13?

Not sensible at all in my opinion.
There are many sites out there that allow children to participate in being part of the social networking world; MySpace and Facebook being two of them. With Facebook they have a site called FBFkids.com “strictly for kids 13 and up.” But the problem I have with that is what is stopping a 9-year-old from joining. What law is there that stops them immediately and say “oh son your too young.” There isn’t any. Only thing they have to do is change the year they were born and there a member.  Majority of the children in our day in age is more technology savvy then the adults. According to Answers.com there four sites that are made just for children; other than FBFkids.com (Facebookforkids) there are Yunti, Imbee, and KidsWorl.

One view about FBFkids.com is “I believe FBFKids is the best for your children as they are fully monitored and moderated without any outside linking. You have to be aware that the site you let your children onto may be good, but if they allow outside linking, you’ll never know where your children will end up clicking to. Most of the above sites are riddled with outside linking to questionable material for children. FBFKids has a strict no linking policy; it is non commercial, privately funded and non profit. This may be so but what is keeping a predator from joining? It doesn’t take a genius to change their age to make their selves suitable to become a member as well. I know because I’m a member and I am well over being a preteen or teenager. With this site you have the ability to chat, join groups and even blog.

Watch out he is out there!

Watch out he is out there!


Reading more into children sites, I came across CNET.com, where Larry Magid, an expert in social networking sites and blogging, that authored “MySpace Unraveled: What It Is and How to Use It Safely,” was interviewed. According to Magid parents cannot force any social networking sites from banning children from the network. Reading some of his answers, and going over this interview constantly in my head I’ve come to realize that these people must do not have children. The U.S. Department of Justice, in a report called Highlights of the Youth Internet Safety Survey, has estimated that one in five children between the ages of 10 and 17 years old receives unwanted sexual advances online. Breaking that down, at least half of those solicitations originate from other teens and are not aggressive, meaning they aren’t urging the child to meet in person. Magid said those added details can put the risk in perspective: The vast majority of kids online will go about their business unharmed. I would guess because the “vast majority” go unharmed that makes it ok for those children that are harmed. That does not add up.

Everything is not for kids. Children can be sneaky but there should be limitations and boundaries on computer use when you are such a young child, and that responsibility lands in the hands of the parents.

Lets Keep Our Kids Safe

Lets Keep Our Kids Safe


~ by deilew on October 21, 2009.

One Response to “What About the Kids!”

  1. It’s a good thing my kids are still toddlers.

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