So Lets’ Begin Venting!

How often do we feel like doing this?

How often do we feel like doing this?

If there was a dollar for each person that just wanted to scream out loud on a daily basis, and the profits went to me, I think I’ll be rich. Some people are not blessed with the skill of speaking on how they feel so they write it down. First people had journals, diaries, where their journal was their secret place and that journal heard everything and understood. Sometimes as individuals, though, we desire a second, third and sometimes forth opinion, so we put our business on networking sites and wait for the replies. Interested in what other people think, or if they have been in the situation. And instead of me being rich the maker of LiveJournal, Brad Fitzpatrick, is.

 LiveJournal would be on of the perfect sites. Some may feel that with Facebook and MySpace that we have enough networking sites that explode our personal business, but with LiveJournal you can be anyone. You are as anonymous to the world as you like and express the deepest thoughts. Their motto is Express Yourself, Share Your Life, Connect with Friends Online. LiveJournal is used all around the world but most popular countries, the top 15 countries are United States, Russian Federation, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, Ukraine, Philippines, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Finland, India, Belarus and France. It looks as though people all around as something to say, and who would have thought that you are sitting in your home relating to someone else millions of miles away from you. Interesting!

LiveJournal has not been around that long, since 1999, and it might not be as popular as other networking sites, yet, but people that are on this site really praise it. They have “In Spotlight This Week” and you would think you would read about how someone’s ex husband messed them over but it’s all blogs that are giving honor to the site. I think if I was new the site and seen that I would want to see some ‘juicy’ information; But maybe that’s just me.  And for someone new to the site, the fact that someone else’s husband is lowdown is probably the last thing they care about.

Let's Begin Venting

Let's Begin Venting


~ by deilew on October 19, 2009.

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