I Need A Good Marketing Scheme… YouTube it!

     Millions among millions of people are becoming more familiar with video blogging or video sharing. In 2005, YouTube came along and made that possible. You don’t need a resume anymore or an interview to market what your talents are. If you can sing, pop lock, or even cook, put it on YouTube, have enough people watch it and you will be on Oprah or The Tonight show within a week. Stats say that YouTube alone has 70 million videos on the site, and 20 million visitors monthly. Now if a restaurant had that many visitors or for each visitor it was a job opportunity, maybe the economy wouldn’t be as bad as it is! You can go on YouTube and almost find anything; absolutely hilarious videos to videos where you can tell some people just have nothing better else to do.

     Some videos on YouTube are strictly for promoting. If someone wants there business to be noticed or wants their talent to be recognize why not put it on YouTube where you can be found. In today’s time YouTube is definitely the haven where everyone goes for online videos. If it’s word around town that a friend or family is online, everyone will view it. While it might not be the best featured or even best quality service for video producers, it is by a long shot the most popular. If you are a blogger, marketer, film maker or any other kind of online publisher or entrepreneur, you stand to gain a lot by getting some exposure on YouTube.

      For example, even though the David Letterman show is one of the most popular shows on television, after expressing his foul ways on the air and it being posted on YouTube, the 5.7 million viewers who tuned in to Letterman Monday more than doubled the audience for NBC’s “Tonight” show with Conan O’Brien, according to the Nielsen Co. It was slightly less than the 5.9 million who watched Thursday when Letterman broke the news of the alleged extortion attempt. The ratings are a testament to the power of the Internet after Letterman’s representatives released details of the scandal to the media about three hours before his show aired Thursday. His audience that night was more than a million more than usual, meaning word spread quickly and encouraged people to tune in. After then watching the show it was posted on YouTube October 2, 2009 with 183,396 views as of today and 1,226 comments. He has a good marketing team!

 If he can make it happen so can you! Just post it….


~ by deilew on October 7, 2009.

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