All I Want Is MY SPACE!

          Becoming a teenager is sometimes hard for parents and the teenagers’ their selves. It seems like the parents are trying to be too involved and the child wants nothing to do with them. Teenagers just want their own space and have their own group of friends that understand them. So what do they do? Get a MYSPACE page. They can chit chat, laugh, meet new people without parents listening in or even knowing what they are doing. It seems like innocent fun but now we all know that story sounds too good to be true without something going wrong.


          And come to find out, having your own space is not always the best; especially when you’re a teenager trying to form an identity. Before Facebook became so popular, there was MySpace.Com, and everyone had a MySpace and if you didn’t you definitely wanted a MySpace. MySpace was available for all types of people, young to old folks, music artists to sex predators. When people found out about MySpace and created a profile, there was little to no security options. You left your information that you expressed, open for all to search and find.  You could take pictures and put them on your profile for anyone to see. There was no security options for what type of pictures could be on your profile, and hardly anyone had their correct age. Some teens were out to meet new people that had common interest, and some people were out to meet new teenagers, or the vulnerable.

          For instance, a story on MSNBC Dateline was about parents not being savvy about this cyber life that teenagers were living. The mother, Margret Sullivan, was more than appalled to find that her 13 yr old daughter, Shannon Sullivan, was on MySpace portraying to be 18 yrs old, what Shannon revealed and found the sites of other kids far more revealing. When “Dateline” surfed MySpace, they found scenes of binge drinking, apparent drug use, teens posing in underwear, and other members simulating sex, and in some cases even having it. They also found less provocative pages like Shannon’s was, but potentially even more dangerous. Teens listed not only their names, and addresses, but even cell phone numbers and after school schedules. This story was posted April 5, 2006 and 3 years later, February 4, 2009, MySpace kicks out 90,000 sex offenders. Now I don’t understand why it takes three years to KICK sex offenders off a site available for teens but the MySpace’s chief security officer, Hemanshu Nigam, issued a statement: “As the first and only social networking site to use state of the art technology to identify and remove registered sex offenders from its site, MySpace is proud of its leadership position and hopes that Facebook follows our lead in providing their members with the same protections. As part of our longstanding partnership with law enforcement and state attorneys general, we will continue to readily provide information on these removed offenders for their investigations.” Seems like they waited a little too long to now have top flight security on a site but better now than never.


~ by deilew on October 7, 2009.

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